Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord!

This was – and remains – the proclamation of the good news we have to share as Christians.

It’s so simple and yet so life changing. The good news doesn’t say too much and yet it impacts every aspect of your life if you let it sink in.

Jesus is the one in charge around here. His ways are the right ways. He is the one to whom everything must eventually surrender.

In a world that is chaotic, unfair, hard to understand, and just plain irritating at times, this is good news.

The good news isn’t an insurance policy in case of death. It’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s not a promise you’ll be healthy, wealthy, and wise. It’s not an astrological reading to tell you the future. It’s not a mansion just over the hilltop in that bright land where you’ll never grow old.

The good news is not even a sophisticated explanation of how Christ’s death has separated us from sin (as important as that may be).

Rather, the good news is a call to trust …

To have faith …

To believe things will be OK (eventually) …

To relax and not worry …

To surrender everything; our plans, our desires, our burdens, our joys …

To let go and know Jesus is Lord.

An other kingdom is here and it is not at all similar to all those kingdoms of this world we have put our trust and hopes in. We need to turn around and reconsider (repent) everything we are doing and how we are doing it and instead trust (have faith, believe) that this new kingdom is ruled by a God who is good; a God who can relate to everything we go through; a God who has our best interest in mind; a God who looks just like Jesus.

Because Jesus is Lord!

But the proclamation that Jesus is Lord is not simply an excuse to sit around and do nothing. When a new government takes office, it’s time to get to work. Time to change things. Time to re-create the domain of their authority in their image – to make policies that match the character of the new government.

And so we – as citizens of this other kingdom – are the ones who get to slowly transform the areas we can influence to mirror our leader; our Lord.

And this will definitely look like foolishness to people around us.

Our economics will look different. Our social justice will look different. A class-based society will be impossible because every life is as important and valuable as any other. Our care for the environment will necessarily be affected. Our views of how to manage conflict will require repentance.

Jesus is Lord!

It’s not complicated, but it’s a lifelong journey that is tiring, hard, and at times feels impossible because it won’t leave any aspect of our lives un-disturbed. This is why we tend to try to replace this simple proclamation with complicated theories, explanations, and rituals.

They allow us to earn acceptance while leaving core aspects of how we live completely unexamined and untouched.

Jesus is Lord!

These simple words impact every aspect of our life if we will let them.


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