Binding the Strong Man

“How else can someone enter a strong man’s house and steal his property, unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can thoroughly plunder the house.” – Matthew 12:29

I’ve been rolling this scripture over and over in my head today.

First the quick context; Jesus has just cast out some demons and the religious leaders are convinced he is doing this through the power of the devil. Jesus realizes this and basically gives them a quick lesson in reason/rationale. He finishes pointing out this (casting out demons by the power of the devil) is not a possibility by saying this (above) in verse 29. (A slightly different context, but basically the same story, is expressed in Mark 3).

Now I have no great insight into this passage – and nor do I want one today. I’ve just been thinking all day about what Jesus says here:

  • in order to take things from the enemy (the strong man), he/she/it needs to be restrained
  • once he/she/it is restrained, we can “thoroughly plunder the house”
  • Jesus is claiming He has done this – and his proof is the casting out of demons and healing all sicknesses
  • He claims He has done this at the start of his ministry – not after the cross – while proclaiming the Kingdom of God is now here (no great insight here; I just noticed it)

That’s pretty encouraging stuff.

Jesus has bound the strong man, so let’s plunder away!


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