Parental Supervision Required

My daughter has recently become incredibly interested in reading her bible. Naturally, seeing this is incredibly beautiful and something we are trying to encourage, but …

… but as an adult who has become very desensitized to the stories found in our bible, having a young child begin reading at Genesis 1 can pose significant difficulties. Much of what is found at the beginning of the holy book is not “age appropriate” and this has led to some awkward conversations about why she has to skip certain sections (“I’m sorry sweetheart, but you can’t read Genesis 34.” And with that it begins.)

Seeing a child have a desire to read more about God is a wonderful thing that brings challenges along with it. How can we encourage her to keep reading and yet ensure we do not expose her to topics and discussions that an 8-year-old should not be having?

How can we keep her interested and yet censor without leaving an impression there are things in the bible that are not good?

We’re learning as we go … prayers are welcome!


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