A New Start

Writing has always held a special yet terrifying place in my life. I enjoy a well written sentence and detest anything written poorly or not completely thought out. I also enjoy writing and yet avoid sharing what I write with others. The more I think about it, the more I can see this is true of almost any “creative” enterprise I undertake – I am incredibly reluctant to share things I create with others.

While it may take a psychologist to dig deep into the reasons for this, the fact is I know one of the reasons is that exposing a “creative side” is actually giving others a window into the heart of who I am – and that terrifies me!

Yet the fact remains that I believe each of us is created in the image of God.

And God is the ultimate creator!

From the earliest sections of our sacred text, God can’t help but create. This isn’t limited to the Genesis story; it is a theme flowing throughout history. New creation, redemption, renewal and healing are incredibly creative enterprises attributed to God – some would say at the centre of who He is.

This is only touching the surface of what has convinced me to finally dust off my keyboard and start tapping away at these keys, but I hope it is the start of something big; if not for others, at least for me.

It is the chance to take thoughts that have existed solely within a 9-inch space between my ears (and occasionally in a 5-minute conversation with my wife) and make them slightly more permanent. It is a chance to take the vapourous ideas, imaginations and unconnected dots that float before my eyes and try to build something out of them.

Let the creativity begin!


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